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Lizzie is a beautiful girl from Arizona, shy, but totally fun! She and her mom flew into Orange County to have me take her senior portraits and I was excited to meet her! We had a special photo planned. In it she would sit on a rocky area as the sun sunk below the horizon line.

When I got to the beach, the tide was higher than I wanted it to be and I knew it was coming in, not going out, but I also knew I could still take the photo at sunset, the rocks were still well above the water. First I wanted to take some fun shots of her walking along the beach and so forth while we waited for the sun to get low. All went well and Lizzie was proving to be a lot of fun to photograph, she’s got a really cute personality.

Nearing the end of our wait, I asked her to sit on the rock I was planning to photograph her on later. Her hair was perfect and she was smiling beautifully, when out of nowhere a huge wave hit the rock and splashed water all over Lizzie! Talk about shocked!!! It literally took my breath away! Her hair was soaking wet and her outfit was pretty damp, too! Naturally, we laughed our heads off! I waited a bit and it happened again! Which meant I had to quickly find another spot for our photo finale. So we scrambled over the rocks (picture me scampering over the rocks camera in hand with a much younger wet Lizzie right behind me) and found a dryer spot just in the nick of time. Whew! A photo session to remember!

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Edie Layland is an Orange County portrait photographer based in Irvine. She is available for Senior Portrait Photography. Check out the Layland Masuda Photography website for information about reserving your teen’s portrait photography session.

May 19, 2013

Little girl age three in a hot pink dress playing at an Orange County beach. Beautiful little girl age three with her white parasol at Laguna Beach


I feel so fortunate to live so close to the ocean. I love being near the water, I love the sand and the sound and sight of waves crashing. I love the mystery that is the ocean. I never know when I head down to the beach from Irvine what I’m going to find. It could be blue skies in Irvine and fog at the beach. It could be hot in Irvine and sweater weather at the beach. The whole beach could have a completely different shape depending on the tides. Sometimes I’ll find piles of seaweed strewn everywhere. My favorite thing of all is to arrive at the beach and see a layer of white clouds just above the horizon because I know I’ll be treated to a beautiful sunset and perfect lighting for beach photography.

The point of this particular trip to the beach was to get beautiful photos of sweet little Arianna. She has a beautiful face, perfect skin, and long, curly blond hair that manages to look great even when it’s messy. She looks fantastic in pink and when her mood is right, she poses like a model.

We got to the beach a little early hoping to find some cloud cover near the horizon, but the sky was clear, the sun was hot and high, and the shade was dark. Not the best conditions for photography, but on such a beautiful day it’s hard not to feel good about the possibilities. :-) Beach photography is challenging, but the rewards are great.

These are some of my favorites from the session. I love all that rich, warm sunshine. I love the happiness in Arianna’s eyes and the excitement I can see on her face as she plays with the waves. Notice that she’s all the way off the ground in one photo, totally suspended in the air.

In the last photo (below), I used Arianna’s pretty parasol to block the bright sun behind her and got this light filled, sort of dreamy image that I love. I hope you enjoy beautiful Arianna’s photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Edie Layland is a California portrait photographer based in Irvine. She is available for Beach Photography. Check out the Layland Masuda Photography website for information about reserving your family or child beach photography session.

Little girl age three enjoying her white parasol at the beach on a bright, sunny day.

May 07, 2013

Beach Photography With Senior Student Girl

Orange County Teen Girl Beach Photos


The more senior photography I do, the more I love it. There is something so wonderful about this time in a young person’s life, just between childhood and adulthood, right before the chick leaves the nest. Seniors are so full of energy, they’re so fun, they laugh a lot, and it’s fun to capture that fresh, fun attitude toward life with all it’s promise.

I loved photographing beautiful Emily at the beach. She was pure delight, sweet and happy. She came to the beach with 3 outfits. It’s amazing how teen girls can switch clothes in public while staying completely covered at all times. I loved her happy look, her joyful look, and her poetic look. She was wonderful in every pose.

Beach photography always energizes me. Maybe it’s the negative ions or maybe it’s just because I love the ocean, but combining senior photography with beach photography, what could be better? These are my favorites from the session.

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