May 22, 2013

Two photos, one with mother holding her just born baby and one with the just born baby crying Just born baby, a series of three photos.Childbirth photography, these are photos of the family, one shows dad kissing mom and the other shows the grandmother with mom and baby.


Wow! What an amazing experience! Yes, I was there in the birthing room at Mission Hospital to photograph this childbirth.

Isn’t she lovely? Just a gorgeous, perfect baby girl! And her mother looks so beautiful right after delivering her. What a wonderful privilege it was to be present at the birth of this little angel. Mother and baby are both doing beautifully. As you can see in the weighing photo, she weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces. Just so you know, she was 19 inches long. So far she has curly, light brown hair. Just adorable!

Pictured also are the father kissing mom and the grandmother with her newest grandchild.

I went back to the hospital the next day to photograph the baby on day two. She was not quite one day old when these photos were taken. I wanted to take her home with me, but mom and dad know where I live. Yikes! :-) She’s a sweet little pea in the pod, so content, so feminine. She wants to peek at the world and so far she seems to like what she sees. You can see the one day old photos below. Don’t miss them!

This was my first childbirth photography session. I am hoping to also photograph a natural childbirth in a private home or midwifery facility. If you know anyone who might have an interest, please pass along my information. I am offering free photography and free digital files to the first person having a natural childbirth who takes advantage of it.

Edie Layland is a California portrait photographer based in Irvine. She is available for Childbirth Photography. Check out the Layland Masuda Photography website for information about reserving your childbirth or newborn photography session.

Two photos of a one day old little girl taken at Mission Hospital In Orange County, CaliforniaMother with her newborn baby in her hospital room.