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Lizzie is a beautiful girl from Arizona, shy, but totally fun! She and her mom flew into Orange County to have me take her senior portraits and I was excited to meet her! We had a special photo planned. In it she would sit on a rocky area as the sun sunk below the horizon line.

When I got to the beach, the tide was higher than I wanted it to be and I knew it was coming in, not going out, but I also knew I could still take the photo at sunset, the rocks were still well above the water. First I wanted to take some fun shots of her walking along the beach and so forth while we waited for the sun to get low. All went well and Lizzie was proving to be a lot of fun to photograph, she’s got a really cute personality.

Nearing the end of our wait, I asked her to sit on the rock I was planning to photograph her on later. Her hair was perfect and she was smiling beautifully, when out of nowhere a huge wave hit the rock and splashed water all over Lizzie! Talk about shocked!!! It literally took my breath away! Her hair was soaking wet and her outfit was pretty damp, too! Naturally, we laughed our heads off! I waited a bit and it happened again! Which meant I had to quickly find another spot for our photo finale. So we scrambled over the rocks (picture me scampering over the rocks camera in hand with a much younger wet Lizzie right behind me) and found a dryer spot just in the nick of time. Whew! A photo session to remember!

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